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Amie Streater

It’s more than an address. It’s where we work, play, connect, nourish, refresh, entertain, love and grow. It’s where our ideas about who we are and the lives we wish to live materialize into this incredible, physical thing full of furniture, appliances, art work, books and dirty laundry.

Home ownership is more than a transaction.
It’s a choice, a lifestyle, a piece of the American Dream that we think is pretty awesome. As our ideas about home change and adapt to the world we live in (goodbye McMansion, hello tiny house!) we propose a different way of looking at life and real estate. Buy less, have more. Keep it simple. Go smaller. Smaller still. Okay, maybe a little bigger. Quality over quantity. Long-term satisfaction over short-term gratification.

Buying boldly and selling smart.
We propose a refinement to the practice of real estate, stripping away the pressure, the noise. Having a conversation that builds into a relationship, not just a transaction.

Join us on the journey, won’t you?

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  • 1465 Kelly Johnson Blvd., Suite 210Colorado SpringsCO80920
  • (719) 339-7224